Medical Materials Testing


New breakthroughs in healthcare mean new opportunities and more safety concerns. We help you gain an advantage through rapid materials analysis. 

Eliminating contamination is key to the medical industry for meeting safety and regulatory requirements. MES offers comprehensive medical materials testing for metals, polymers, and ceramics. Our cutting-edge surface analysis lab offers a range of services for your medical materials from determining the cleanliness to validating porous coatings. 


Our testing will help you meet FDA or other regulatory requirements. Moreover, MES can aid your team with appropriate testing services from validating if new coating processes and technologies are safe and meet guidelines to ensuring that coating vendors in your supply chain are meeting expectations. 

Testing Capabilities:

  • Chemical analysis for medical components allows you to have the certainty that you need that your components are correct, clean and safe for the public. We test the following materials: metals, plastics, polymers, powdered metals, ores, ferroalloys, composites and ceramics. Surface analysis by FT-IR is valuable approach for assuring that your medical devices and packaging components are clean from organic contaminants.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis is an effective approach to verify that your medical materials and components are free of impurities, as well as examining fractures or breaks in the components. SEM is commonly used in evaluating metals, minerals, and polymers. 

  • Corrosion testing in medical components and devices is an analysis to use when devices will be implanted or may carry an electrical charge, for example with pacemakers. Electrical charges can impact how the device responds to corrosion. Knowing how the device responds to corrosion is critical for meeting safety and health standards. 

  • Mechanical testing will help determine the performance properties of your new medical materials, focusing on abrasion, static and dynamic tension, shear, and bending.

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